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Back to school!

NSW has just received the news that school will be returning full time from May 25th.

Although a little scary given the current situation, it is also exciting that we will be able to see all our amazing kids back here at WOSHC.

I'm sure you have all felt the strain of having your children at home each day over the last couple of months so I hope this brings a little bit of relief to you and the kids.

I can absolutely assure you that we here at WOSHC are putting in all efforts to make this a clean and safe environment for your children to return to, where we will also be closely monitoring and encouraging the children to use their best hygiene practices.

We have also made a few changes at WOSHC so that your children are returning to an exciting, stimulating and fun environment. We have developed a brand new program that incorporates the current events around us and the community and have even done some shopping for new sporting equipment, for those sport hungry kids!

I am so very excited to have our kids back at WOSHC next week and to catch up with all our families too, so please come and say hello when you have a chance!


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