Frequently asked questions

What are the fees?

Our fees are based on a casual and permanent basis depending on your enrolment type. These prices are reviewed on a yearly basis. Permanent Bookings: AM = $14.00 PM = $20.00 Casual Bookings: AM = $16.00 PM = $22.00

Do you provide breakfast and afternoon tea?

Yes, we provide a healthy and nutritious menu plan for both our breakfast and afternoon tea that offer the children a variety of foods. The menu is guided by the framework "Eat Smart Play Smart" which you can read about by clicking here. Otherwise, click here to see our menu plan.

When do I pay my fees?

To keep administration costs to a minimum please ensure that your fees are paid on time. Permanent bookings fees need to be paid 1 week in advance. The Administrator credits fees to parent accounts on a weekly basis.

What should I do if my child will be absent from W.O.S.H.C?

If your child is absent on a permanently booked day you must notify the Co-Ordinator or staff by phone or in writing or person of the absence. If you don’t valuable staff time is spent locating the whereabouts of your child. The staff will be very concerned about your child’s safety and it is courtesy to let them know.

What if I want to change my booking?

2 weeks’ notice must be given in writing to the Co-Ordinator to make any changes to your booking – charges will continue until 2 weeks’ notice is given. School holidays can be included as 2 weeks’ notice. There is a Change of Booking Form to be filled out and signed by parents which you can access by visiting the centre or clicking here.

What do I do if I am running late to collect my child?

In an emergency please phone the Co-Ordinator and arrange for someone else to pick up your child. In the unexpected event of your child not being picked up by 6.30 pm the Co-Ordinator will telephone parents and emergency contact persons as nominated on your enrolment form.

Late pick up will come at a fee of $1.00 per minute and repeated events will not be tolerated.

How do I apply for the childcare subsidy (CCS)?

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to all families. You must register with the Centrelink to be assessed. Once assessment is complete you will receive customer reference numbers (CRN’s) (one CRN for the parent and one for each child). You need to provide these CRN’s to WOSHC as soon as possible after assessment. CCS is applied to your fees on a weekly basis and you are only charged the reduced fee.

What is an “allowable absence”?

The Government allows 42 absent days per child, per year in total. Full fees are charged once these days are exceeded.

Is there an orientation process?

Prior to starting your child's enrolment, you are more than welcome to come and visit the service to have a look around. Otherwise, W.O.S.H.C joins in with the school orientation day each year where you will be provided with all necessary information.

What if my child has a medical condition?

WOSHC keep all action plans on file and also have an overview on display at all times so that staff are aware of any triggers/symptoms etc that applies to the children. We follow all health management plans put in place by the doctor who treats your child's condition. All staff at WOSHC also hold the appropriate fist aid and anaphylaxis training so that we are all well equipped to deal with any medical issues/emergencies.